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GPS Runner II PRO updated
SumedaTech develops outdoor activity products allowing users to follow-up all sport and re-creation activities. The PRO version is our top model which is a complete SPORT watch which includes a GPS receiver that keeps track of the users movement.
It includes function such as :

Speed in Km/h or Miles per hour.       Average Km time.     Memory for 200laps.
PC- Download
for later analyse.        Password protection   Total track and time statistics.
Trip statistics for distance and time.   Altitude information.
Temperature in celcius/fahrenheith    Multi users (up to 4)   etc, etc.  

TTFF  (Time To First Fix in less than 45 seconds!)
GPS Runner II products uses state of the art GPS receivers which gives our products fast GPS first time fixes by using a small internal backup batterie that helps the receiver to start faster. They also delivers good performance during outdoor activities all with low power consumtion

GPS Runner products are designed and developed in Sweden, where all beta tests are made.
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GPS Runner II for outdoor activities
Use our PRO version for maximal performance
Our TOP Model has been updated with a new body and new functions.

This is how our new menu design looks like. Many  menus have been updated.
New  Menus implemented
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